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Peephole Report:

The response has been hot for Trenton Makes, The Cryptkeeper Five are being played in Ireland, Germany, UK, Italy France on indie radio shows across Europe. Many props to Europe for appreciating the Rock Roll. We have also sent promo packs to radio stations and zines in Australia, Argentina, Brazil as well as US Europe. We will have a complete list up on the site shortly of radio stations across the globe that have our cds including "Serving the Best in R R" our first release. There will also be a list of all reviews on both releases, the terrific, fantastic the ugly. If you don't see your review on our site please email our media contact and it will be posted.

Tour news:. We are working actively on The Cryptkeeper Five burning rubber to a venue near you, including plans to Europe later on next year thanks to Baz @ Blah Blah Blah Touring. First and most importantly the US If you are a band of notoriety that would like to tour with them, please contact our booking agent Universal Attractions in New York City or Peephole directly. If you would like to see the band perform, time to get those requests on the message board ASAP!!!!!

Oh yeah, and about the message board. Our site went from 2,000 hits per month in July to over 41,000 hits in August and holding tight for the last three months. I know you're reading this now, so why not post. Is our message board not good enough for you? Stardumb Knock Knock rule so I don't have time for Peephole? The election is coming out. Why not let us know how you feel about it??? And let me just say Fat Wreck Chords rocks!!!! The Rock Against Bush Comp has been all over the college radio charts and is really making a difference in this campaign. Guaranteed! There will be a record number of young voters in America. Anyone that sees Joan Jett standing at the voting booth is bound to be revived. (xoxox Joan) And who would want to vote for Bush or Kerry for that matter. I say vote Green Party. As a matter of fact if everybody voted Green Party that wanted to it might actually become a real contender some day. And maybe we'd have more choices than Nader. Then it wouldn't just be a puppet show for sensationalism. You'd have three choices. Competition is healthy. They're not speaking their views or what they believe in, just what they're told. If we don't have an Earth, it doesn't really matter who's running it. Now of course Green Party would never win the election. Just take enough votes away from the plate to let our voice be heard and make it a tighter race for Charlie Brown and Snoopy. So that's my vote. You heard it. Keep your eyes peeled on a political column from Stiff himself. President of the "Bush Is A Nazi" fan club.

Promo packs keeping pouring in, there's a big stack for consideration on the compilation coming out next year. Since we're only doing 25 songs this time around, there's a lot of competition. I saw a few mentionables that have got my attention but I cannot yet name due to my 5th amendment rights (the ones I have left). But expect to see two new bands emerge on Peephole this fall!!! If you would like to submit for the compilation, it's not too late. I won't be picking the final line up til February or March. Who likes deadlines anyways??? Deadlines are for the man. I will say that even though I requested NO EMO it still keeps arriving in the mailbox. As soon as I hear emo spawn, I PUKE. And that just involves me having to stop reviewing entries and clean myself up. Attention corporate sucking musicians, making music that is way played out trying to get a record deal, that's not what rock roll is about. It's about being a rebel and not fair to other bands that deserve my attention.

And last but not least our video contest. That's right!!! Expected out next year after the compilation is our very first video release. We will strive to pick the most rocking videos from bands across the world. Of course the bands on our label will be there!!!! along with unheard incredible music from every continent. Please mail your video to the address on the site in DVD form along with a picture, bio and contact info. I don't care if you're on another label its free promotion. You have to see to feel. These DVDs will be promoted with our other releases to magazines and record stores and made available to TV music stations by persistent marketing. It will also be available through our regular channels and distributors. And given as a freebie to anyone that orders any of our releases. The Cryptkeeper Five has their video off the presses. "Get in the Mood" will be featured on this cinematic cornucopia along with "YOU". Well maybe. Live videos are fine. Low budget will work. It doesn't take money to be cool. I look forward to popping your DVD in the player and kicking back with a tasty.